GEM520 5G Router

GEM520 is the new high speed mobile broadband router with embedded 5G modem for connection to the high speed 5G mobile broadband internet services. The GEM520 is a dual SIM 5G router meaning it has two SIM card slots, but it only contains a single 5G modem so can only use one of the 5G SIM Cards at a time. The reason for the dual SIM feature is that the GEM520 router can switch from SIM A to SIM B in the event that the 5G SIM in SIM slot A is unavailable or runs out of data if on a 5G PAYG SIM for example, and the router can switch over the the 5G data SIM card in SIM slot B and use that instead. This provides an extra layer of resilience for your 5G Internet connection.

The GEM 520 router provides the user with 4 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit EThernet ports and 1 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit WAN Port as well as high speed 802.11AC WiFi so can serve users with wired and wireless connections on the LAN.

The GEM520 M2M 5G Router is ideal for providing high speed 5G Internet for small offices or homeworkers who need a reliable, fast mobile broadband internet connection and this router includes VPN capabilities so can be networked to the head office to create a secure wide area network for homeworkers and remote offices.

The GEM520 will also work as a 4G router so can replace the GEM420 router.