Configure Port Forwarding

This video demonstrates how to configure port forwarding on the GEM420 4G Router.

REMEMBER – the very first thing you will need to do is ensure that you can remotely connect to the GEM420 over the Internet, especially if you are using DYNDNS.  Once you are able to remotely connect to the GEM420 then you are ready to configure your Port Forwarding.


The most common question we have about port forwarding with the Proroute GEM420 is about the first rule of port forwarding “you need to be able to connect to the router over the Internet in order for port forwarding will work”.

This is because if you obtain a SIM card directly from EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three Mobile then when you connect to their 4G service these mobile networks will only allocate your 4G connection with a PRIVATE IP ADDRESS.  This means that you will NEVER be able to connect to the router and therefore port forwarding will not work.

This also means that DYN DNS WILL NOT WORK.

What are my Options?

As far as we are aware the only UK network that will provide your connection with a PUBLIC IP ADDRESS is 3 Mobile and for this you will have to change your APN to 3internet and also set the router to connect at 3G speeds only – they do not provide public IP addresses for 4G connections.  You must also be made aware that this service / APN does not guarantee you a public IP address and is not part of a contracted service with 3mobile so may be withdrawn at any time.

The easy way is top use a Fixed IP SIM card and these are available as 3G or 4G services.

3G Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

The final option is to create a VPN from the GEM420 to your head office router/VPN server therefore creating a wide area network so you will be able to communicate over the VPN connection.  The GEM 420 4G Router would be the client and would connect to your VPN server.

You will be unable to use the GEM420 as a VPN server if using a standard 4G SIM Card for the same reason because you will not be able to connect to the router because it has a PRIVATE IP ADDRESS.