GEM420 3G/4G Connectivity Issues

If you have inserted your SIM card, connected your Cell antennas and configured your APN settings for your chosen network and the GEM420 router is not connecting then it may be your configuration settings.

Watch this video which explains some of the things you will need to check which will probably fix your problem.



In summary – it highlights what you should be looking for to establish whether the router is seeing your SIm card and mobile network and where to check your APN settings and to try auto detect in case your APN settings are incorrect.

It also advises about the correct Network Monitoring settings (Ping Reboot) which can also create connectivity issues and make the router appear to keep rebooting – usually because the check interval time is too short or you are not pinging a live IP address on the internet.

It also advises which screen shots we need in order to assist you with your support query.