How Much Data Does The GEM420 Use?

We often get calls from customers saying that their 3G or 4G data usage is very high and they think this is being caused by the router.

The simple answer is that the router uses very little data in terms of its Ping Reboot / Cell ICMP Check (Network Monitoring).  Only devices connected to the LAN side of the router, using the GEM420 as the default gateway to the internet will use data.

We made a quick video that shows the router connected to the internet but with no devices connected – we manually set the IP address of the connected PC and removed the default gateway address so the PC could not access the internet.  You can see that the router uses very little data because there is nothing on the LAN site accessing the internet.

When we change the PC IP settings to enable access to the internet by adding the default gateway the traffic immediately increases because the PC normal functionality of checking the internet for updates for carious software packages will mean that even an idle PC is consuming 3G/4G data.

Anyway – here is the video:-